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Mesh Grease Filters type AGMB Standard
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Mesh Grease Filters type AGMB Standard

Standard Size | Non-Standard (Custom) Size

These high-quality metal Mesh Grease Filters type AGMB are used on 'kitchen extract systems' where Canopy Filters functionality and economics are paramount and where the Grease load is relatively low. The Grease is collected in the wire Mesh media and with regular cleaning (at least once a week) they will last for many years. These are the most ideal Grease Filters for commercial kitchen canopy's setups

The kitchen Grease Filters consist of a rigid Aluminium frame with a knitted wire Mesh Filter pad which is graded for maximum Grease retention with weld Metal Mesh Filters facings to both sides

Standard Mesh Filters

Measure your existing Standard Mesh Filters accurately in 'mm' and then check to see f your type AGMB's are available as a standard size below

Non-Standard Mesh Filter (Custom Mesh Filters)

Alternatively, if you cannot find a matching size, we can construct a Non-Standard Mesh Filter to suit
Simply enter your dimensions in 'mm' and set the quantity you require in the boxes below and the price of your Custom Mesh Filter will be calculated


Please note, due to manufacturing limitations:
Minimum filter size, Height 150mm x Width 150mm x Depth 20mm
Maximum filter size, Height 600mm x Width 650mm x Depth 50mm

If your dimensions fall outside these sizes please contact sales@acefiltration.co.uk or 01474 325666

NON STANDARD SIZES are available on short lead times. Please contact us with your enquiry

Simply wash regularly with our Grease Filter Cleaning Crystals

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Washable Grease Filters

These Washable Grease Filters can be manufactured to any required size, but most popular sizes are always available from stock for next day delivery. Handles are fitted as standard to the shortest dimension

Knit mesh Wire Filter for Commercial Kitchen Extraction Canopy

The AGMB is the best commercial kitchen extraction canopy filter on the market. Alternatively, kitchen canopy Grease Filters can be made entirely from stainless steel, which are heavy-duty and are resistant to chemicals used in some cleaning processes

All options are suitable replacement filters for most types of commercial and industrial kitchen exhaust systems in restaurants, cafes, pubs and any commercial cooking environment

For more information on filters for restaurants, see kitchen ventilation systems, kitchen extract systems and grease filtration refer to HVCA specification DW/172

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