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Good indoor air quality is a critical subject at any school, college or university. ACE Filtration is here to help you establish a long-term air quality solution, custom engineered for your facilities’ unique needs.

Indoor air quality is of great importance in all educational facilities. It is well documented that high carbon dioxide levels in classroom reduces the concentration levels of students and therefore can affect their ability to learn.

We can help provide you cost effective solutions to solve any poorly ventilated buildings/rooms you may have

ACE Filtration can help improve your air quality with:

• UK Manufactured standard and custom HVAC filters to suit your installation and industry requirements
• Experienced sales team able to offer advice on correct filter selection
• Use of innovative filter technology such as UV light, HEPA and Photocatalytic
• Free on-site surveys to establish your requirements

What you should know about air purifiers for schools, colleges and universities

HEPA air purifiers are the most effective way to reduce indoor air pollutants. ACE Filtrations’ HEPA filters are designed to capture 99.99% of particles 0.1 microns and larger, including dust, pollen and mould spores

Our air purifiers use a combination of HEPA filtration and activated carbon technology to remove odours, gases and chemicals from the air

We offer a range of models that can be used in classrooms or other areas where students spend time exercising, studying or working on projects

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ACE Filtration is a leading UK supplier of HVAC filters, such as pleated panel filters, bag filters, HEPAs and wire frame fan coil filters.
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