Fresh Air Delivery Systems (FADS)

ACE Filtration have been delivering clean air solutions for over 30 years

Our range of Fresh Air Delivery System are ideal in situations where natural fresh air circulation presents a problem
The solution is to install an ACE Fresh Air Delivery System.

Our FADS range incorporates:

• 3 fan speeds which can be set in both automatic mode which works in accordance with the Co2 levels as well as manual mode

• Dual electric heaters which are enabled when the outside temperature reaches 14 degrees or less

• FADS come with or without a removable F6 air filter

Designed with the safety and productiveness in mind

After extensive monitoring at various schools, colleges and work spaces, it is evident that Co2 levels are far beyond the acceptable limits

This causes lack of required oxygen to the brain resulting in redness, lack of focus and overall poor mental health. Our FADS unit assists in lowering Co2 levels without the requirement of an HVAC system or opening of multiple doors and windows, especially in the cold winter months

The FADS unit has two built in electric heaters allowing for the air to be heated to a comfortable temperature before entering the occupied zone. The system also comes with an F6 filter to remove unwanted air particles, creating a safer environment for all

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