UVAF Range

Benefits Includes

UVAF air filtration
  • Kills 99 % of all airborne viruse
  • High efficiency technology
  • Can be retro fitted into existing HVAC
  • Unique safety sensor
  • Multiple flange fixing
  • Bespoke sizes manufactured

Our UV Air Filtration unit sits directly in the air stream and can feature from 2 to 16 high-output UV-C lamps to provide enough UV energy to disrupt the virus’s DNA

UV-AF unit inactivates micro-organisms by attacking their DNA, permanently destroying and altering the molecular structure, leaving them unable to replicate or grow

For UV-AF applications we use non Ozone producing lamps

Germicidal lamps utilise powerful UVC wavelength to destroy disease-causing germs including viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and algae, effectively sterilising and purifying air, water and surfaces

UVC disinfection targets the nucleic acid of these harmful cells, rearranging the genetic information, or DNA, and rendering them harmless

As the UVC radiation is absorbed into the cells they become unable to reproduce or multiply to infectious numbers a

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