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Andreae Filters Type AF923
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Andreae Filters Type AF923

The Andreae Filters type AF923 is designed to capture any wet solids or liquid particles within the airstream. These include enamels, glues, oils, lacquers, stains, epoxies, tar and Teflon, etc. Andreae Filters are constructed from two-ply, heavy-duty cardboard on a bright white finish with a final polyester layer

These high-efficiency Andreae Filters combine the proven inertia separation principle of the Filter with an additional layer in the form of polyester media. The 'V' shaped holding pockets retains the paint particulate outside the air-stream and the polyester captures any remaining overspray. The result is a Spray Filter with superior holding capacity and exceptional filtration efficiency. Due to this unique combination, static pressure remains constant, plus the Andreae high-efficiency filters will last approximately 4-6 times longer than fibreglass Filters

Each Andreae Filter (1 box) measures 900mm x 9.2m and contains 240 pleats 

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