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Mini Pleat HEPA Filters
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Mini Pleat HEPA Filters

These Mini Pleat HEPA Filters (also named Absolute Filters) are designed for the air-intake and extract systems of those critical applications where high-efficiency filtration is necessary and they will give protection to the sub-micron level. These HEPA filters are normally used as Final Filters

Final Filters must be protected by pre-Filters Grade F7 or higher, this will ensure that the optimum operating life is achieved. Strict 'quality control' is enforced throughout the manufacturing process and on completion, each individual Filter is tested and certified for use 

Absolute Filters (Grades H14 to BS EN1822)

The Ace Filtration range of high-efficiency filters has been specially designed for clean rooms, laminar flow cabinets, fume cupboards, air showers, terminal units and laminar flow diffusers

Our Absolute Filters offer the most cost-effective solution to HEPA filtration in these applications by providing a compact frame size but with a high air capacity potential. In addition, the Mini Pleat HEPA Filters are suitable for most processes, research and manufacturing applications in the electronics, optical, pharmaceutical, laboratory and medical fields

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Pack – Water repellent Glass Micro Fibre Media with adhesive bead spacers
Frame - 66mm Anodised Aluminium Extrusion as standard
Grid - Painted Mild Steel Mesh both sides Gasket - Neoprene
Gasket, single or double to customer requirements

Note: All Absolute (HEPA) Filters are individually tested and rated

Data Sheet AF108 Download

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