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Grease Filters / Canopy Filters Non-standard

Grease Filters / Canopy Filters Non-standard
Grease Filters / Canopy Filters Non-standard

For commercial kitchen extraction systems, we manufacture two Grease Filters (Canopy Filters) that work very differently. Our stainless Steel Baffle Grease Filter will allow trapped Grease to drain directly from the Filter baffles into a drip tray below and are easy to clean and replace. While our Mesh Grease Filters type AGMB collects Grease extract in the wire mesh media and with regular cleaning your Grease Filters will last many years

Canopy Filters Standard and Non-standard Canopy Filters

Our high-quality Canopy Filters are available in popular standard sizes or and as non-standard custom sizes to suit your Grease Filter extraction requirements

  • Baffle Grease Filters / Baffle Filters (VeeVent)

    Manufactured from stainless Steel the VeeVent Baffle Filterswill allow the trapped grease to drain directly from the filter into drip trays and they are easy to replace and clean. These Baffle Grease Filters work by forcing the grease-laden air through several changes of direction as it passes through the filters

  • Grease Filters Cleaning Crystals (Granules)

    When mixed with hot or cold water these Grease Filter Cleaning Crystals form an alkaline Solution that is non-caustic and non-toxic. It is used extensively by catering establishments because it has a superior ability to cut through Grease without damaging the Filter. The Filter Cleaning Granules produce a Solution that can be disposed of via the normal, foul water or sewerage drains. Grease Filter Cleaning Solution should 'not' be disposed of via rainwater drains. The Cleaning Solution is alkaline and appropriate care must be taken when handling it. Full instructions for correct usage and relevant safety precautions is supplied with each of our Filter Granules tubs Filter Cleaning Granules One 10kg Tub will make up approximately 425 Litres of Filter Cleaning Granules (Packaging may differ from the image shown)
  • Mesh Grease Filters type AGMB Standard

    These high-quality Metal Grease Filters type AGMB are used on those kitchen extract systems where the canopy filters functionality and economics are paramount and where the grease load is relatively low. These kitchen Grease Filters consist of a rigid aluminium frame, with a knitted wire Mesh Filter pad


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