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Carbon Impregnated Filters (Rigid Bag)
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Carbon Impregnated Filters (Rigid Bag)

Our revolutionary Carbon Impregnated Filters are a 'new' innovation used to improve indoor air quality in buildings such as offices, public buildings, airports and industrial premises. The 2-in-1 design combines an F7 pre-Filter with a pleated media which is heavily impregnated with Carbon granules, to readily absorb the odours and smells from the air as it passes through the Rigid Bag Filters

Rigid Bag Filters

The Rigid Bag Filters have their own built-in pre-Filter which can be used to replace high-efficiency Carbon Impregnated Filters in existing air handling units without the need for expensive and time-consuming modifications

The Odorsorb Bag Filter is designed to remove nuisance odours and smells such as those emanating from nearby restaurants, cafes and outside smoking areas. It is also very effective at reducing and removing unpleasant and hazardous pollution, odours caused by traffic, aircraft, building sites, factories, landfill sites and sewerage works etc.

Odorsorb(Carbon Impregnated Filter)

Whilst we would not recommend the Odorsorb Filter for use in a large scale kitchen extract system, it is suitable for smaller systems which may include sandwich bars, cafes and canteens where cooking is relatively low volume and generally used for only a few hours per day

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Technical Information
 Typical Technical Data
 Actual SizeRated AirflowInitial PadFinal Pd 
 592 x 592 x 2920.89 m3/s100 Pa600 Pa 
 592 x 490 x 2920.67 m3/s100 Pa600 Pa 
 592 x 287 x 2920.44 m3/s100 Pa600 Pa 
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